Advanced Cryptocurrency Alerts

More than 2000 Cryptocurrencies are monitored every minute across 80+ exchanges along with news, tweets and other social data.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Alerts

Track more than just Price

Most alerting services allow you to track simple price information for a few cryptocurrencies. We help you stay on top of any news related for coins you like, including several price related indicators. We can notify you when a coin decreases by 10% in 30 minutes. Or, we can update you regularly with the latest tweets for a coin, among other things. Create one-time or recurring cryptocurrency alerts. Shoot us an email, if you need a custom alert and we will add it for everyone.

Simple forms that create advance alerts

CoinALGo offers a simple interface for creating cryptocurrency alerts – just, fill up a very simple form and we will get to work right away. You can set an upper limit to the number of emails sent in a given time period.
With several types of alert (and more being added regularly), you can stay on top of any price movements for any coin. If that was not all, we can even send you alerts when new tweets or reddit posts are made by the team behind a coin.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Alerts

Advanced Cryptocurrency Alerts

See all your alerts at a glance

With a clean separation of alerts for each cryptocurrency, it becomes easier to view or modify cryptocurrency alerts with change in price dynamics. You can view each individual alert that was ever sent to you, and mark them active/inactive from a single place. Whether you are a day trader or a long-term holder, stay on top of your portfolio. Since, everything is responsive, you can manage your alerts from mobile, with ease.

Follow Cryptocurrencies in your Portfolio

Most traders work with multiple cryptocurrencies, which is why we provided an easy-to-use interface for following a list of cryptocurrencies. You can track price movements, news and other information for these coins through a simple interface. We are working on adding more portfolio related features so that you can keep track of your crypto-wealth through a single dashboard.

Advanced Cryptocurrency Alerts

Checked Every Minute

Alerts are checked each minute for delivery. Never miss an event.

Custom Alert Interval

You choose how often we alert you – from as minimum as every 15 minutes to once each month.

One-time Alerts

Create one-time cryptocurrency alerts that deactivate themselves after the first notification sent.

Email Alerts

Get alerted instantly via Email. More Channels Coming Soon.

More than 2000 active users and counting..

Free for Everyone.

Shoot us an email after sign up, if you need more cryptocurrency alerts than provided by the Free plan.



Checks performed every minute (nearly)
Upto 10 cryptocurrency alerts or updates

Alerts Included:
Price Movement Alert
Percentage Change Alert
Movers & Shakers Alert
Price Information Alert
Twitter Update

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list.

What is CoinALGo?

An advanced cryptocurrency alerting service that ensures you stay on top of any price movements or news for the coins you love and trade.

How often are alerts triggered?

Alerts are checked for delivery nearly every minute. However, you can set a custom time interval for delivery such that no more than one email is sent in such an interval.

What payment services do you support?

At the moment, CoinALGo service is free to use with a limit of 10 alerts. If you need more alerts, sign up and drop us an email.

What if I need a custom alert?

Oh, we missed something? No worries. Drop us an email, and we will try our best to add this alert for everyone to use.

Other questions?

We’re always available at: support@coinalgo.com